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10 most frequently asked questions before travelling for business

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What are the most frequently asked questions before travelling for business? From the expenses covered by the company to the management of unforeseen events, every detail can make a difference to your trip. It’s normal to feel hesitant, especially if it’s your first business trip or you’re heading to a new destination.

To make sure you’re well prepared and optimise your business travel experience, we’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions every professional faces before travelling. Knowing the answers to the most common questions before travelling for work will help you plan ahead, avoid setbacks and focus on the goals that brought you there.

10 most common questions before travelling for work

1. What expenses does the company cover during my trip?

Normally, companies usually cover transport costs such as flights and taxis, accommodation, meals during working hours, and some additional costs such as internet access. However, it is important to check your company’s specific policies to be fully informed about which aspects are covered and which are not.

2. What expenses are not covered by the company?

Personal expenses such as souvenirs or additional recreational activities are generally not reimbursable. Similarly, service upgrades at hotels, such as suites or special room services, are generally not covered by reimbursement policies. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what items fall under your company’s reimbursement policies and to address all of your most common concerns before travelling for work.

3. Are there limits on expenses during the trip?

This is one of the most common questions before travelling for work, and it is important to bear in mind that most companies set limits both per day and per type of expense to keep effective control over costs during your travels. These limits may vary depending on company policy and travel destination. For example, some daily limits may include a specific amount for meals or transport, while other types of expenses such as accommodation or international transport may have different limits.

4. Is it possible for me to make my own transport and accommodation bookings?

In some companies, you have the option to manage your own bookings, as long as you comply with the established guidelines. Before proceeding with the booking, it is important to familiarise yourself with any specific restrictions and procedures your company may have in this regard and to answer any common questions before travelling on business.

5. How can I choose the right accommodation for my business trip?

When looking for accommodation, make sure you choose a well-located hotel that meets all your business needs. Check if your company has a list of recommended hotels to make it easier for you to choose and to ensure that you comply with the established policies.

6. What documents are essential to bring?

Don’t forget to bring all the necessary documents for your trip, such as passports, visas and travel insurance, depending on what you specifically need for your trip. Having these documents with you is crucial to avoid problems during your trip.

In addition, also bring your transport tickets and have your accommodation booking located. This includes any printed or digital confirmation you may need when you arrive at your destination.

Preparing all of this in advance will help you enjoy a smooth trip.

7. Which receipts should I keep?

Depending on your company’s policies and the technological tools you use. With a travel expense management app like XPENDOR, you no longer need to keep paper receipts. You can digitise all tickets and invoices for transport, accommodation and meals directly in the app. This saves space and time, and ensures an accurate and legal record of all your travel expenses. This simplifies the administrative process for both you and your company, avoiding the risk of losing physical receipts.

8. Can I extend the duration of my trip?

If you plan to extend your stay, it is important to differentiate whether it is for personal or professional reasons. Generally, additional expenses such as accommodation and meals resulting from the extension of your trip will have to be paid for by yourself if it is for personal reasons. Make sure you obtain the necessary approval and clearly communicate the separation between working days and rest days.

9. Where can I find my company’s travel policy?

Find the travel policy in your company’s internal resources or check with your human resources department for an up-to-date version. Knowing these regulations will answer the most common questions before you travel for work and help you comply with the rules throughout your trip.

10. Can I take an accompanying person with me on my business trip?

Sometimes your employer may allow your partner to accompany you on your business trips, but it is important to bear in mind a few details. Normally, additional expenses such as transport and meals will not be covered by the company. Before making any plans or decisions, it is crucial to check with your supervisor or human resources department to find out the specific policies and make sure you meet all the necessary requirements. This will help you avoid surprises and help you plan your trip accordingly.

XPENDOR simplifies your corporate travel management

Travelling for work can be a challenge, but XPENDOR solves all the usual questions and makes managing your expenses easy and efficient. From digitising receipts to automating bank reconciliations, XPENDOR offers a complete and accessible solution to optimise your business travel. Don’t waste valuable time managing expenses and focus on what really matters: your work. Discover why XPENDOR is the ideal tool to increase efficiency and reduce stress on your business trips.

With XPENDOR, managing your business travel has never been so simple and effective. Take advantage of our advanced functionalities such as OCR technology, advance payment management and AEAT approval to take your company’s efficiency to the next level. Solve all your most common questions before travelling for work and optimise your resources – start maximising your results with XPENDOR today!


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