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resolutions for travel management in 2022

5 resolutions for travel management in 2022

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The beginning of the year is the ideal time to stop and analyse how we are managing our company and how we want to continue working to progress and achieve the goals set. 5 resolutions for travel management in 2022!

Travel management in companies is a major corporate expense within the organisation. That’s why setting travel management resolutions will help us to stay on track. In this article we will clarify what is business travel management and five purposes that can be implemented or clarified within the company and employee travel. ┬íResolutions for travel management in 2022!

What is business travel management?

The first step is to be clear about the definition of business travel management, as in recent years the way companies relate to each other and how they are managed is evolving. ¡Resolutions for travel management in 2022!

Business travel management is the process of planning, executing and controlling corporate expenses related to travel necessary for the smooth running of a company. Business travel to maintain or build business relationships requires good planning and a policy detailing what expenses are included and covered by the company.

In recent years, companies are digitising and moving towards managing business travel with digital applications or platforms that help them keep track of travel in detail. In addition, these new digital tools or solutions bring simplicity of use, trust and transparency regarding corporate expenses, allowing them to reduce costs and increase productivity.

5 resolutions for travel management in 2022

Let’s discover 5 travel management resolutions for 2022! Business travel can be managed in different ways regardless of the sector in which you operate or your size. ┬íResolutions for travel management in 2022! ┬íResolutions for travel management in 2022!

Analyse current travel spend

The first step to improving corporate expense management at the start of a new year or phase is to analyse the imputed costs of past travel and how they have been managed. What for? To get a good overview of how they are being executed and whether they can be improved, and if so, how they can be optimised.

Employees who have to travel for business purposes should be aware of what expenses are borne by the company and be clear about the amount of budget available to them. These expenses vary from company to company depending on the expense policies, as we will discuss in more detail below.

Define financial policies and objectives

Defining and adapting travel policies and financial objectives for these expenses is essential if you want to keep a good control of expenses and benefit from the profits that can be obtained, optimising the company’s productivity. But what are they?

Every company should know and be aware of which expenses can be deducted and which expenses are included in the social contribution base, such as accommodation expenses, per diems, mileage and others. Expense models and policies are often adapted and modified by companies, as they are an essential part of good financial management. Employees should also be aware of the maximum costs and be clear about the expense policy so that they do not go overboard when making a corporate trip.

Choosing expense management software

As we have just learnt, it is very important to take into account the type of business trip we make in order to have a clear idea of our new travel management goals for 2022. Organisation is essential to avoid accumulating administrative tasks, so having an efficient expense management software that adapts to our company and needs is essential.

For this reason, we recommend a digital solution for managing travel expense notes such as Xpendor What is Xpendor? Read on to find out what this tool can do for you!

Plan your business trips

Take control! When organising a business trip, it is essential to control your expenses and keep your budget in mind. Avoid and eliminate doubts and uncertainty by having a clear spending policy. It allows employees to focus on the main purpose of the business trip and not to neglect it by controlling the expenses they generate.

Review expenses afterwards

Once the business trip is over, it is time to analyse the expenses that have been incurred to see if there are aspects to improve for the next trips. This is often neglected! Control the series of expenses, which ones are unnecessary, which ones the company can neglect and how they can be adjusted in order to enjoy the trip and at the same time make it as profitable as possible.

 Count on a travel manager this 2022!

Do these 2022 travel management resolutions seem effective to you? As we have seen above, having a tool to reduce costs is essential. ¡Resolutions for travel management in 2022!

Xpendor will allow you to optimise the management and control of your corporate travel expenses. With our application, each employee will be able to record their expenses and the expense report will be automatically sent to you for evaluation. Thanks to the use of this tool you will save on processes, time, costs and space, avoiding fraud or errors when carrying out business trips!

Do you want to know our digital solution? If you have any doubts about how to manage travel expenses, call us on 919 917 009 or leave us your details here and we will call you back. Digitise your expense notes and avoid these errors with our travel management solutions! ¡Resolutions for travel management in 2022! ¡Resolutions for travel management in 2022!


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