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Xpendor y 60dias unen fuerzas

PARTNERSHIP Xpendor and 60dias join forces

Today we bring news in the form of a partnership between Xpendor and 60dias! This collaboration means the union of more than 15 years of experience of 60dias in tax matters with Xpendor, a SaaS application that was born in 2016 as a Golive project to optimise digital transformation processes. Did you know that Xpendor

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¿Qué es la interoperabilidad?

What is interoperability?

What is interoperability? As businesses grow, they require connected software solutions to improve their management and administration. Companies have different software applications for their operational needs, but these may be developed in different languages. So what’s the solution? The key is to have integration tools to synchronise all the data efficiently. Regardless of the type

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Los beneficios de la gestión financiera en la nube

The benefits of financial management in the cloud

In recent years, thanks to digital transformation, more and more companies are using and discovering the world of the cloud in their finances. What is it like and what does financial management in the cloud really consist of? In this article we tell you what the cloud means for the company and how to improve

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¿Qué es la inteligencia de negocios?

What is business intelligence?

What is business intelligence? In the business world, strategic decision making is fundamental and makes the difference between being successful or not. In today’s article we are going to talk about what business intelligence is and how it can help you to improve your business management to another level. Don’t miss this post! What is

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Cómo es la gestión de los anticipos de forma eficiente

How advance payments are efficiently managed

How do you manage advance payments efficiently? First of all, it is necessary to keep a good record of every payment and collection that is made in the company in order to balance the accounts. And, therefore, one of the parts to be managed is that of advances. Tips for a good management of advance

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Tecnología OCR

What is OCR technology?

Nowadays, managing expenses in a company is a manual, tedious and monotonous process. What new tools or solutions can I implement in my company to manage them in the best possible way? Have you heard of OCR technology? What is OCR technology? Optimal character recognition or better known as OCR is a simple, agile and

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