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employee advances money

If an employee advances money, is it legal?

If an employee advances money, is it legal? The payroll of a company’s employee is made up of a variety of items, most of which are salaries. However, there is another type of non-wage payments that have the function of either advancing or compensating the employee for a series of expenses that he/she may incur

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reembolso de notas de gastos

Implement an expense note reimbursement programme.

Establishing an efficient expense note reimbursement programme can be a challenge in itself, as if not properly organised, expense management can become a burden for the company. Therefore, it is essential to implement a clear policy to ensure a smooth and proper process. Manage the reimbursement of expense notes and clearly define which expenses are

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Cómo la flexibilidad en los medios de pago impulsa el crecimiento empresarial

How flexible means of payment drive business growth

In today’s competitive business world, it is essential to adapt to new trends and market needs. One of the key issues for business growth and success is flexibility in payment methods. Flexibility in this area can make the difference in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and business growth. In this article, we will take a closer

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La seguridad financiera en la gestión de los datos de empresa

Financial security in corporate data management

Financial security in the management of financial data is becoming increasingly important, as this data is key to the proper functioning of companies. The security of financial data is a task that requires great responsibility and care, as the data is highly sensitive and vulnerable to possible security threats, such as identity theft, financial fraud,

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Cómo llevar a cabo la transformación digital en 2023

How to realise digital transformation in 2023

Technology and innovation is changing the way companies relate to their customers, suppliers and their own employees. Digital transformation in companies in 2023 is not an option if organisations want to be competitive and provide the necessary value to detect technological improvements and shortcomings. In this article, we will look at the keys and trends

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