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Cómo llevar a cabo la transformación digital en 2023

How to realise digital transformation in 2023

Technology and innovation is changing the way companies relate to their customers, suppliers and their own employees. Digital transformation in companies in 2023 is not an option if organisations want to be competitive and provide the necessary value to detect technological improvements and shortcomings. In this article, we will look at the keys and trends

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El cambio que han supuesto las aplicaciones para viajes corporativos

The change that corporate travel apps have brought about

In recent years, companies have been investing in the digital transformation of traditional systems with corporate travel applications. Are you still using traditional methods in your company? Find out how you can improve your productivity quickly and easily. Corporate travel apps In recent years, companies are taking action and moving towards a digitised future. Managing

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6 tips para mejorar la gestión de viajes de negocios sostenibles

6 tips to improve sustainable business travel management

Environmental awareness when travelling has increased in recent years. But can sustainable business travel also be responsible? Business travel is still necessary for the smooth running of many companies. In this article we give you 6 tips on how to make your business travel sustainable and how to achieve it. 1. Digitise your travel documents

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¿Cómo son las auditorías en las empresas?

How do audits work in companies?

You’ve probably heard of an audit before, but do you really know what audits in companies are? Companies have to comply with certain procedures by law, so an audit is a procedure that helps them to ensure that their activities are carried out correctly. What are company audits like? An accounting audit is a review

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Cash flow y su importancia en la empresa

Cash flow and its importance for the company

Have you heard of cash flow before – whether I say cash flow, cash flow or cash flow sounds more familiar? These terms refer to an important indicator in determining the financial health of a company. Therefore, it is essential to know what it is, its types and advantages, as well as the best method

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Tips para iniciar un proyecto de digitalización

Tips for starting a digitalisation project

Businesses are starting to realise the importance of digitisation and digital transformation. But starting a digitisation project is no easy task, in this article you can discover tips and tricks that will help you succeed. Don’t miss it! How to start a digitisation project? The digitisation process of a company is essential and indisputable nowadays

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