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Despejando dudas sobre las Facturas de Canje: Tickets y Facturas Simplificadas

Doubts about Exchange Invoices: Tickets and Simplified Invoices

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In the complex world of corporate financial management, every detail counts. And Exchange Invoices are no exception. These documents play a crucial role in the recovery of VAT and the proper accounting of expenses. To clarify any questions you may have, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Exchange Invoices, with clear and concise answers.

What is an exchange invoice?

The exchange invoice, also known as a replacement invoice, is a document that serves to enhance a simplified invoice or ticket. Its main function is to provide adequate justification for VAT recovery, especially when some time has passed since the original document was issued.

Who can apply for exchange invoices?

Both customers who have used your services as an entrepreneur and external companies specialising in VAT recovery can apply for redemption invoices. However, it is essential to meet the necessary requirements and provide the appropriate documentation to ensure the correct issuance of these documents.

How do I obtain a redemption invoice?

To obtain a redemption invoice, it is necessary to collect all relevant tickets or simplified invoices. This process can be tedious, especially if there are a large number of documents involved. At Xpendor, we offer services that simplify this process, from the physical collection of tickets to requesting redemption invoices from suppliers.

Is it mandatory to issue a redemption invoice?

Yes, all companies and professionals are obliged to issue a redemption invoice when properly requested. This requirement is crucial to ensure proper VAT deduction and regulatory compliance.

What are the advantages of requesting an exchange invoice?

Requesting an exchange invoice allows you to deduct the VAT associated with the expenses declared on the original receipts or simplified invoices. In addition, these documents contain all the necessary data for accurate accounting, which simplifies your company’s financial management.

What happens if an exchange invoice is not requested?

If an exchange invoice is not requested for expenses declared on simplified invoices, the opportunity to deduct the corresponding VAT would be lost. It is crucial to follow the proper procedures to ensure optimal recovery of taxes paid.

What is the deadline for requesting an exchange invoice?

The deadline for applying for an exchange invoice is 4 years. It is important to take this deadline into account and comply with the requirements set out to ensure effective financial management and regulatory compliance.

How does the issuance of the swap invoice affect accounting?

Swap invoices have no tax implications on accounting, as they are issued for services already rendered and expenses already accounted for. Therefore, no additional accounting adjustments are necessary when issuing these documents.

How are swap invoices reflected in Form 347?

Swap invoices must be included in form 347 if the amount invoiced between the customer and the establishment exceeds a certain threshold. It is important to follow the guidelines established by tax regulations to ensure regulatory compliance and proper filing of tax returns.

XPENDOR guides you in VAT recovery

We hope these answers have clarified your doubts about exchange invoices and their role in VAT recovery. At XPENDOR, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the financial management of your business, including efficient tax recovery, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you optimise your accounting and tax processes!


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