We’ll answer all the most frequently asked questions when purchasing an application to manage your company expenses

An expense claim is a document with which an employee informs the company of expenses incurred in connection with their job, that is, the receipts or invoices linked to work activities, such as on business trips. The employees of a company should record their transactions and notify the Administration Department of them, in order to request their reimbursement as soon as possible. The person in charge of managing expense claims usually determines how to properly justify and manage such expense claims.

La aplicación XPENDOR permite realizar una digitalización certificada de facturas y tiques. La App ha sido homologada por la AEAT en cumplimiento del artículo 7 de la Orden EHA 962/2007 y del apartado primero de la Resolución 24 de octubre de 2007. La digitalización certificada es el proceso tecnológico que permite, mediante la aplicación de técnicas foto-electrónicas o de escáner, convertir la imagen contenida en un documento en papel a una imagen digital codificada conforme a alguno de los formatos estándares de uso común y con un nivel de resolución que sean admitidos por la Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria.

XPENDOR is a simple, easy-to-install receipt and invoice digitization tool. The size of your company doesn’t matter. The fee is paid monthly only for the users who actually used the application. It doesn’t matter if it’s just 1 or more than 100 users. If a company has 30 users registered, but only 10 users entered expenses for a certain month, you’ll only pay for 10 users that month.

XPENDOR is a cross-platform app that can be used on the web (Optimised for Google Chrome and Firefox) and the mobile app for Android and IOS.

We’ve currently developed web services for the integration of information between the XPENDOR app and JD Edwards, Sage X3, Navision, Business Central and Axapta. What’s more, the solution can be integrated into any system through REST services.

Yes, the photo of your expense claim will be immediately available as soon as you record it, on both the mobile app and the web. It’s not necessary to wait for third-party validation.

As soon as you record an expense, your approver will receive an alert on their mobile app, whether it uses Android or iOS. What’s more, this expense will also be shown on the web version. XPENDOR send alerts in real time, with no lag times.

Using XPENDOR, you can remove a user by signing in as an “Administrator”, whether using the mobile app or the web version. The same goes when adding new company members.

XPENDOR gives you the chance to only pay for the users who actually use the application each month. This means that even if you have 30 users registered for your company, if only 10 users enter or approve expenses for a certain month, you’ll only pay for 10 users.

Yes, XPENDOR is a multi-currency app that is integrated with the European Central Bank. This means that the different exchange rates are up to date.

Yes, you can have approvers linked to each company. What’s more, the rules and policies associated with each of the companies comprising the group can be linked.

Mileage expenses are individually recorded in the app. The user who’s the driver is the one who has to enter the expense claim.

Yes, company card transactions can be integrated, automatically performing card reconciliation.

Yes, XPENDOR is a multilingual application that can be tailored to any legislation. We are currently adapting it to legislation in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

XPENDOR boasts the shortest deployment time on the market. Deployment can be done in a few days.

Pay monthly only for the users who actually enter expenses into the application that month.