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Gestión de gastos por kilometraje: novedades y soluciones prácticas 2023

Mileage expense management: new developments and solutions 2023

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Discover management spending per mileage and price per mileage in Spanish companies and how it is set in the collective agreements and sectors!

On 17 July 2023, the BOE published an increase in the value of mileage expenses exempt from Personal Income Tax to €0.26 per kilometre travelled.

This measure seeks to recognize the associated costs to the professional displacements and alleviate the tax burden, improve and improve the management of mileage expenditure. The increase of the limit offers challenges and opportunities for an efficient management of travel spending in 2023 but expense management tools can adapt.

What expenses are included in mileage reimbursement for business travel?

When an employee uses his or her own vehicle for business travel, the employer compensates the employee by paying a mileage reimbursement to cover various types of expenses associated with the use of the vehicle during business travel.

These are the main expenses included:

  • The cost of fuel consumption is one of the most relevant expenses.
  • Wear and tear and maintenance, such as changing tyres, oil and mechanical parts.
  • Insurance of the private car, as the vehicle is used for work purposes.
  • Vehicle taxes, such as registration tax or road tax.

What expenses are not included in the mileage reimbursement?

It is important to note that certain expenses are not covered by the company. Therefore, it is important that the employee plans his or her travel properly and considers these expenses when using his or her vehicle for business trips.

The following cases are excluded from mileage expenses:

  • Traffic fines for traffic or parking violations during the business trip.
  • Toll charges that the employee has to pay during the journey.
  • If the employee uses a paid car park to carry out his or her work activity.

New personal income tax exempt mileage rate in 2023

In July 2023, the Inland Revenue implemented an update to the IRPF exempt mileage expense, raising it from €0.19 to €0.26 per kilometre travelled. This measure seeks to compensate in a fairer way mileage expenses management, those related to the use of the private vehicle for work purposes, including the cost of fuel, wear and tear of the vehicle, possible breakdowns, insurance and associated taxes.

In addition, this update also affects those workers who use motorbikes, for whom the exempt amount increases from €0.078 to €0.106 per kilometre. And for public employees who use their private vehicle for work, the change means a benefit in the form of compensation, receiving €0.26 per kilometre travelled on presentation of the corresponding proof.

The adjustment in the mileage rate has been made in response to rising fuel prices. It should be noted that in Spain the mileage rate is not regulated by law and is at the discretion of companies, and must be specified in the collective agreement or in the sector of activity. Furthermore, the limits for exemption from Social Security contributions vary according to the autonomous community and the provincial councils in the case of the foral regime. It is important to keep proper records and justification of expenses to ensure tax compliance.

Xpendor, the revolution in mileage expense management by 2023

Xpendor is a tool to take mileage expense management to another level. This app digitises and automates the entire process, allowing for quick and easy management of expenses associated with employee travel.

Xpendor offers an advance management service, allowing employees to request and receive the necessary amount through the mobile application once their request has been approved. This streamlines the reimbursement process and makes it easier for the company to control expenses.

In addition, another significant advantage of Xpendor is its VAT recovery service, which allows for the redemption of simplified tickets and invoices, regardless of their format (physical or digital), enabling VAT to be deducted from business expenses.

If you are looking to improve your mileage expense management and streamline the process, Xpendor is the ideal solution. Contact us and discover the tool that will make your digital transformation and mileage expense management easier.


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