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Xpendor is a SaaS solution that helps companies to

digitise travel expenses in just a few days, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Agency Partner

For agencies and administrative agencies that want to stay ahead of the curve and offer growth tools to their clients.

Business Partner

For ERP resellers or marketing consultants who wish to add value for their prospects or customers and benefit from ongoing commissions.

Technology Partner

For software tool providers wishing to expand their user base and functional scope.

Why become an Xpendor Partner?

Benefit from the effectiveness of the solution, generate leads and improve the growth of your business.


Our Partners experience growth and evolution without limitations, barriers or commercial pressures to hold them back.


An equitable, reasonable and rewarding business development programme for the most discerning and committed salespeople.


XPENDOR's agility enables rapid ROI for both the customer and the partner.

Join the XPENDOR family

The XPENDOR team shares its knowledge with partners to create the best teams and collaborative projects.

the best teams and collaborative projects. These are the interesting advantages we offer:

Freedom and Flexibility

Comprehensive customer management and the possibility of offering own services and obtaining a higher profit.


Attractive commissions for the entire contract term.

Cloud Hosting

No need to cover the costs of cloud storage of data.

Support and Marketing

Access to marketing materials and resources to help you generate demand and expand your customer base.

Lead Exclusivity

Lead protection system that ensures the protection of the entry into a new customer account.


Comprehensive training programmes and certifications in our solutions will enable you to provide expert service and differentiate yourself as a reliable partner.

Get up to 35% from the sale.

Xpendor wants everyone’s efforts to be rewarded. This is why we offer attractive sales commissions along with our guidance and constant support.

Increase your business proposal value by adding Xpendor to your solutions portfolio, operating independently, earning interesting sales margins and constantly receiving our support and training.


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