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Boost your team’s productivity with efficient expense management

XPENDOR is the perfect solution for corporate expense management. An agile and intuitive application that automates the control of business expenses across your entire organisation.

Who is XPENDOR intended for?

There are four available roles with XPENDOR, each of which has different functionalities and designed for a certain type of employee. These roles can be combined to grant more functionalities.

Intended for everyone who needs to enter travel expenses, per diems, parking fees, etc. The user role has access to the management of their own expenses using the web and mobile application.

The role designed for group leaders who are tasked with approving their team’s expenses, it offers access through both the mobile app and the web version, with the ability to manage their expenses and those of their team.

Intended for the person from the Administration Department in charge of reviewing, managing and recording all business expenses. It has been designed to provide web access and it can view all records across the entire company.

The role tasked with tailoring XPENDOR to the company’s needs, managing users and configuring the different areas of application.


XPENDOR can be integrated with any ERP, CRM, HR program or external program either through files or REST APIs, which make it possible to automate a large number of tasks.

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