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Xpendor is a comprehensive solution that brings you the visibility you need for your expenses. Use the reports available for an in-depth analysis of the spend of your publishing house.

Expense claims are processed smoothly and the entire team is more efficient! Thanks to Xpendor, you can streamline in-house processes and make your business grow.


Administer and manage expenses by specific teams or projects.


International trips are easy with Xpendor’s multi-currency setting and its integration with different exchange rates.


Access multiple reports and filter them by date, payment, user or any other item, detecting incidents and mistakes.

Sector editorial

What do our clients think?

“There’s no doubt that Xpendor has radically changed the way we deal with business expenses. The user simply takes a picture of the receipt and it’s automatically entered into the system. The user’s supervisor will then approve or reject the expense and once it’s approved, it will be ready for its payment.” 

EDELVIVES. Publishing industry.



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