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XPENDOR versión móvil y web

Who is XPENDOR for?

There are four roles available in XPENDOR, each one with different functionalities and thought for a type of employee. These roles can be combined to grant more functionality.

So that entering expenses is an easy and intuitive task from anywhere and at any time.

So that the management of team members is a fast, reliable and easily accessible management.

To have optimal traceability and control of expenses, avoid internal fraud and generate reports that help continuous improvement

To adapt and customize XPENDOR to the operation and needs of the company.

Product Adaptability

Ease of use

Extensive functionality at one price

Passion for continuous improvement

Any questions?

An expense claim is a document used to report to the company expenses paid in connection with your work. In other words, it is a receipt or invoice linked to work activities like, for instance, during a business trip. The company’s employees have to record the out-of-pocket expenses made and report them to administration department to get a reimbursement as soon as possible. The person in charge of the expense claims usually sets forth how these must be proved and managed appropriately.

The XPENDOR app allows your business to carry out a certified digitalisation of invoices and receipts. The app has been officially authorised by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) under Art. 7 of Spanish Ministry Order EHA 962/2007 and Section 1 of the Decision of 24 October 2007. Certified digitalisation is a technological process that applies photo-electronic or scanning techniques to convert an image on a paper document into a digitally coded electronic image based on one of the standard formats and with a level of resolution that is admitted by the Spanish Tax Agency.

XPENDOR is a simple ticket and invoice scanning tool that is perfectly adapted to companies of different sizes, from a minimum of 5 users.

The XPENDOR app is multi-platform, so you can use it on the website: Optimised for Google Chrome and Firefox, or through the Mobile App: Android and IOS.

So far, we’ve developed web services to integrate information between the XPENDOR app and JD Edwards, Sage X3, Navision, Business Central and Axapta. Also, the solution can be integrated into any system through REST services.

Yes. The picture of your expense claim will be available as soon as it’s entered into the mobile App or the website. You don’t need to wait for third-party validations.

The moment you upload an expense, your approver will receive an alert on his/her Android or IOS mobile app. This expense will also appear on the website. XPENDOR’s alerts are received in real time, with no delays.

On the XPENDOR app, you can delete a user with the “Administrator” role from the mobile app or the website. The same goes for registering new users for your company.

Yes. XPENDOR is a multi-currency app that is linked to the European Central Bank. This means that it always uses the latest exchange rates.

Yes, you can assign approvers for each company. You can also link different rules and policies for each company in the group

Mileage expenses are recorded individually on the app. It’s the driver user who must enter the expense claim.

Yes, you can integrate the credit card transactions and reconcile them automatically.

Yes, XPENDOR is a multi-language app and can be adapted to other legislations. At present, we have adapted it to the Spanish, French, Belgian, Dutch and Portuguese laws.

XPENDOR’s deployment is the quickest in the market. Our projects take no more than a few days.

What do our clients think?

“Another notable functionality was the approval by the AEAT of the solution, this has meant the total elimination of paper in the management of Nippon Gases expense notes, since the photographs have the same legal validity as paper tickets and invoices. XPENDOR is approved by the tax agencies of different countries.”
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“Xpendor has meant an optimization in the processes of settlement and management of expense notes. On the one hand, we have reduced management deadlines, improving quality and information, and on the other, administration, they have been able to reduce the time spent managing expense notes.”
“Now it is possible to review expenses corresponding to shorter periods of time. We have gone from carrying out monthly reviews to doing them every fortnight. Although, we can do them at any time, since the application gives us the information completely online.”
BM Sportech

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