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El cambio que han supuesto las aplicaciones para viajes corporativos

The change that corporate travel apps have brought about

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In recent years, companies have been investing in the digital transformation of traditional systems with corporate travel applications.

Are you still using traditional methods in your company? Find out how you can improve your productivity quickly and easily.

Corporate travel apps

In recent years, companies are taking action and moving towards a digitised future. Managing all the processes involved in corporate travel is not easy, so using apps to help keep track of tasks is paramount.

In addition, digital solutions bring simplicity, trust and transparency to corporate expenses, allowing you to reduce administrative costs, increase productivity and work efficiency.

Is business travel still necessary? For many companies the answer is yes. For the proper functioning of many organisations, continuing business travel is essential, but traditional management involves several difficulties and multiple manual tasks. Are you ready to manage it with digital solutions?

Changes in corporate travel

Admittedly, the way we travel has changed a lot thanks to technology and we have instant access to a lot of information. The step towards simplifying the task is digitisation.

It is the complexity of processes in corporate travel management that is encouraging companies to digitise this particular area, to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The costs that an employee incurs when carrying out his or her professional tasks at a location other than his or her usual workplace are known as travel or business expenses.

Increased convenience

Thanks to corporate travel applications, we can save our tickets, boarding passes, hotel reservations and any type of digital document needed for a complete business trip without the need to print them all out.

Nowadays, this allows us to take care and bet on a better planet by avoiding physical documents. It also increases security by having all documents instantly available on a single device, saving storage, organisation and space costs.

Simplifying the process

How much time is spent managing business travel expenses? Often, the usual management of travel expenses requires a lot of mailings, time and control of the process, and information can be lost along the way. By digitising tickets and invoices, processes are streamlined with corporate travel applications, as all the necessary information is instantly available.

Time previously spent on repetitive tasks can be spent on other, more productive tasks. Offering greater speed and control of all transport options, per diems, accommodation, etc.

Economic savings

Thanks to the digitisation of corporate expenses with digital solutions, there is more awareness of spending. Knowing the impact travel has on company finances so you can adjust, cut or set budgets and employee quotas.

Create and incorporate professional travel policies to have a global and complete view of the expenses and standards to be met by the company’s employees. With the aim of not overspending and respecting the established budget by encouraging responsible actions to meet corporate objectives.

That is why it is so important to set objectives, clear and realistic criteria that establish an efficient spending policy for your company.


XPENDOR, the best app for corporate travel

Have you calculated how much time you spend selecting tickets, invoices and filling in expense notes every time you come back from a trip?

Introducing XPENDOR! Discover our digital solution, corporate travel apps, to manage these business expenses. XPENDOR will allow you to optimise the management and control of your travel expenses. You only have to take a photo and thanks to our OCR the information is extracted instantly recording the expense.

Save on processes, time, costs and space thanks to this tool that records the expenses and automatically registers the expense note. With our application, you can start little by little optimising your decision making and corporate actions that will help you in simplifying and speeding up your tasks.

Do you want to know more? Contact us and discover the software that will make it easier for you to manage sustainable business travel expenses by committing to digital transformation.


Access the recording of the webinar "Efficient Expense Management", where you will see the use case of the Gastifácil App

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