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Tips para iniciar un proyecto de digitalización

Tips for starting a digitalisation project

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Businesses are starting to realise the importance of digitisation and digital transformation. But starting a digitisation project is no easy task, in this article you can discover tips and tricks that will help you succeed. Don’t miss it!

How to start a digitisation project?

The digitisation process of a company is essential and indisputable nowadays with the future of organisations and the economy.

Digital transformation is not something for large companies or organisations, in fact all companies, regardless of their size, should prioritise digital transformation. The digital transformation process can benefit and help any project or business, making it more profitable and improving performance and productivity.

Tips for starting a digitalisation project

Planning the transformation to a digitised organisation can determine the future of a company. Therefore, it is essential to plan the different possible scenarios and the steps to follow for a good execution.

There are also multiple advantages of starting the digital transformation, such as improving the accessibility and dynamics of the company when searching for important information or documents. Along with reducing the use of paper and handling of original documents or materials.

There are many elements to consider when intervening in a company’s digital transformation. Here are three key factors that determine the digitisation or steps to follow when starting this digitisation project:

1. Assessment of the current situation of the company

Each company has a specific situation and specific digitalisation needs that cannot be generalised. It is therefore interesting and essential to know the initial state of the organisation in order to be clear about each and every one of the scenarios and changes to be carried out digitally.

The first step is to identify and note down the most urgent problems at work that can be improved in the short, medium and long term thanks to the digitisation of specific processes. A good analysis and prioritisation of the changes allows us to improve the environment, dynamism and well-being of the employees, and consequently of the company.

2. Consult and inform your employees about the changes

The digital transformation implies a transcendental change in the functioning of the company, which makes it essential for employees to adapt and learn about key information, such as needs, changes and work challenges that will improve processes.

Involve people and provide them with everything they need to face the implementation of new technologies, as well as specific training in digital skills depending on their job position. Driving a digital transformation project is complicated, so it is essential to assign roles to each of the members of the company to control the correct execution of the steps to be followed to ensure the optimal digital transformation strategy from the beginning.

3. Develop a digital transformation plan

Taking into account the budget and the time available is very important to carry out a digitalisation project. Do not forget and keep in mind the resources available to carry out a digital transformation process thinking in the long term.

It is advisable to define a transition plan from the previous way of working to the new one with the digital processes and new resources needed, both in-house and external. Having the right technology is not always easy, and after drawing up an optimal strategy it is time to choose the technology and services that will take our company to another level thanks to the digital transformation process.

Digital solutions offer integrations and tools that make life easier for employees and improve productivity and the way your employees work on a daily basis.

XPENDOR digital solution

Achieving a digital transformation results in benefits such as increased efficiency and productivity or reduced environmental impact, as well as the ability to keep pace with the competition and achieve a high return on investment.

At XPENDOR we offer you the best solution to improve your company’s invoice management. Our application adapts to the size and unique characteristics of your company so that you have the optimal tools and processes to take your business to a new level of productivity and competitiveness.

With our expense control app you will be able to use three different roles, as a user to digitise expenses, as an approver to verify and approve or reject them, and as an administrator to manage all expenses quickly and easily, avoiding headaches.

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