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Consejos para ser mejor travel manager

Tips to be a better Travel Manager

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Until not so many years ago, corporate travel did not have a professional travel manager. This job is not easy, as it requires balancing the management of both staff and budget.

Continue reading this article, discover tips to take into account that can help you improve and optimise business travel to achieve business success.

The importance of travel management

The role of travel manager used to be filled by administration staff, but these profiles often do not have the specific training or knowledge to achieve quality management of corporate travel expenses.

Who is a Travel Manager? A travel manager is an expert in corporate travel management, managing the quality of corporate travel and keeping abreast of market developments.

These are some of the tasks of the Travel Manager:

  • Manage corporate travel expenses.
  • Optimally control costs and budget.
  • Analysing company data and information on travel expenses.
  • Negotiating with service providers related to transfers.
  • Reviewing the content of the company’s travel policies and crisis plan.
  • Discover new technologies to improve travel management and travel experience.

Nowadays, although the role of the Travel Manager has become more popular in recent years, many companies that do not have a specific profile for the organisation of these trips have increased thanks to the globalisation and internationalisation of business.

What is a travel manager like?

Travel managers are usually professionals with a background in tourism or business administration, and knowledge of the business environment is essential.

The person in charge of managing a company’s travel needs to be flexible, proactive and in constant training in order to adapt and be aware of market updates and new tools that facilitate the work of employees. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific training to be able to have control and manage in the best possible way the expenses in accommodation, transport, travel policies, meetings, events, travel experience and even prevention and security.

Everyone has their own tricks to achieve optimal business travel management and secure travel. The importance of negotiating with suppliers is important for the satisfaction of travellers along with good treatment and quality to be able to develop their work. Having quality information, competitive rates to adapt budgets and services, always taking into account the needs of what is needed and when it is needed.

Advantages of a Travel Manager in any company

By having this figure in our company we can have the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity and work efficiency by saving travel time by employees.
  • Greater control over corporate travel costs and budgets thanks to good compliance with company policies.
  • Improved communication and trust between management and employees.
  • Increased corporate profits by improving the overall management of corporate travel.

Tools for the travel manager

The responsibilities of a company’s travel manager include all of the above and is fully compatible with XPENDOR, the employee expense report management tool.

In addition, XPENDOR is a tool that increases the efficiency of the travel manager’s time management by being a digital solution that allows you, with a single click, to capture the travel tickets generated by the trips through the camera and automatically send them to the supervisor, who will then approve them.

XPENDOR not only digitises and automates the management of expense notes, it also makes it easier and simpler to do your work. Our solution is approved by the Tax Agency and will therefore be valid for legal purposes.

Do you want to know more? Request a demo or leave us your comment below and discover our expense and travel management software.


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