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Xpendor: the comprehensive solution for your business, with all the features you need at a single price

At Xpendor, we stand out for...

Extensive functionality at a single price

No plans or limitations on use, we have a single plan and include all features at a single price. Whatever the size of your business, use what you need and adapt it to your operations.

Passion for continuous improvement

We invest over 30% of our profits in the technical improvement of Xpendor. We listen to our customers and the market, and adapt our product development roadmap.

Product adaptability

1. Customisable fields: expense categories and sub-categories, cost analysis, reports, expense breakdown, exchange rates, tax rates by expense type, bank connection, settlements and accounting configuration.

2. Configurable approval workflows: up to three approval workflows can be configured to suit your needs.

3. Set rules, expense policies and user authorisations: define instructions to adapt Xpendor to your needs.

Ease of use

1. Role-based management: Administrator, Manager, Approver and User, for efficient management and a clear distribution of tasks.

2. Expense status display: the different expense statuses are displayed in distinctive colours, from draft to approved/rejected, including pending payment, paid and closed.

Companies that place their trust in us...

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What our customers say...

Excellent OCR

Xpendor's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is excellent, allowing users to easily scan and recognise details on receipts and invoices. This saves time and reduces manual data entry errors.

Product customisation

Xpendor offers editable categories that can be tailored to the specific needs of each business. Users can customise their categories and fields to suit their workflow and business needs.

Data validation workflow

Up to two levels of approval workflow can be configured. Xpendor's data validation workflows allow users to ensure that all expenses are checked and approved before being processed for payment. This reduces the risk of fraud and errors in expense processing.

SSO (Single sign-on)

Xpendor offers SSO, which means that users only need one login to access all the tools and applications they use. This saves time and simplifies the login process for users.

Quick start

We help you scan in record time. We carry out the configuration service, data import, user training and start-up in an average of one week. With us, your digital transformation is in safe hands.

Consulting service

At Xpendor, our business consultancy service is backed by a team of over 100 Golive experts. We are committed to providing you with personalised advice on solutions that will increase the efficiency of your processes. Trust our expertise to take your business to the next level.

The star feature, the key to bank reconciliation...

Automate bank accounting with Xpendor

XPENDOR’s integration with your bank makes it easy to reconcile expenses recorded with bank cards and digitised tickets.

How does the application work?

A solution that has satisfied hundreds of companies...

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Any questions?

An expense report is a document by which you inform the company of expenses incurred in the course of your work, i.e. tickets or invoices relating to professional activities, for example business trips. The company’s employees must record their journeys and report them to the administrative department, so that they can claim reimbursement as soon as possible. The expense manager generally defines how to justify and manage expense claims correctly.

The XPENDOR application enables certified digitisation of invoices and receipts. The application has been approved by AEAT in accordance with article 7 of Order EHA 962/2007 and article 1 of Resolution 24 October 2007. Certified digitisation is the technological process which, through the application of photo-electronic or scanning techniques, enables the image contained in a paper document to be converted into a coded digital image in accordance with one of the standard formats in common use and with a level of resolution accepted by the National Tax Administration Agency (Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria).

XPENDOR is a simple tool for digitising receipts and invoices that is perfectly suited to companies of all sizes, with a minimum of 5 users.

The XPENDOR application is multiplatform, you can use it on the Web: Optimised for Google Chrome and Firefox and on Mobile App: Android and IOS.

Web services have currently been developed to integrate information between the XPENDOR application and JD Edwards, Sage X3, Navision, Business Central and Axapta. What’s more, the solution can be integrated with any system via REST services.

Yes, the photograph of your expense note will be available from the moment it is registered, both in the mobile App and on the Web. No need to wait for third party validations.

As soon as you register an expense, your approver will receive a notification on their mobile App, whether Android or IOS. In addition, this expense will also appear reflected in the Web version. XPENDOR notifications are made in real time, without waiting.

In the XPENDOR application, you can unregister a user via the “Administrator” role, in both the mobile and web versions. The same applies to registering new company members.

Yes, XPENDOR is a multi-currency application integrated with the European Central Bank. This means that it has up-to-date exchange rates.

Yes, there can be approvers linked to each company. In addition, you can link the rules and policies associated with each of the companies that make up the group.

Mileage expenses are recorded in the App individually, it is the driver user who must enter the expense note.

Yes, company card movements can be integrated and card reconciliation can be carried out automatically.

XPENDOR is a multilingual application and adaptable to any legislation. We are adapted to the laws of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal, but it is essential to keep physical documents such as tickets and invoices in these countries for their legal validity.

The implementation of XPENDOR is the fastest on the market. In our projects we talk about days.

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