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Merging forces XPENDOR and JD Edwards leading business transformation

If you use Oracle JD Edwards as your company’s ERP, XPENDOR is the tool you need. Streamline financial workflow and automate business expense management with the powerful integration of XPENDOR and JD Edwards.

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JD EDWARDS and XPENDOR Integration

XPENDOR is a web and mobile application for expense note scanning integrated with Oracle JD Edwards via Web Services.

The integration is bi-directional with processes that send information from XPENDOR to JD Edwards and vice versa.



Ticket digitalisation process with JD Edwards.

Photograph and digitise tickets and invoices

Review and Approval Process in XPENDOR

Sending approved expenditure information from XPENDOR to JDE

From JDE we update the status of the XPENDOR expenditures.

Photograph and digitise tickets and invoices


Review and Approval Process in XPENDOR

Send information from XPENDOR to JD Edwards ERP

From the JD Edwards console we launch the status to XPENDOR

Simplify integration: Discover Integration Console for total efficiency

Thanks to the Integration Console, you will achieve efficient management by being able to centrally view all information related to expenses and advances generated in XPENDOR.

In addition, you have the advantage of having access to the integration process settings. Superior integration for superior results: XPENDOR and Oracle JD Edwards, the combination that leads to success.

Discover the benefits of XPENDOR-JD Edwards integration for your business

Customisable configuration for each company

This guarantees a more efficient implementation and a system adjusted to the particular processes and workflows of each organisation.

Cost savings through process automation

XPENDOR’s integration with JD Edwards enables the automation of tasks and business processes, leading to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

Increased control and real-time visibility of expenses

Financial and accounting data is updated in real-time, enabling detailed tracking of costs, budgets and financial statements. This facilitates the identification of areas for improvement and early detection of deviations.

Informed and confident decision-making

The consolidation of data from different areas of the company allows a comprehensive and accurate overview of the business situation. In addition, data security is improved, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality, providing a more secure environment for strategic decision making.

XPENDOR and JD Edwards, the integration that drives your success

Our XPENDOR and Oracle JD Edwards Customers

"XPENDOR has undoubtedly been a turning point in the company's representation expenses. The user simply takes a photo of the ticket and it is registered in the system. Their manager will approve or reject the expense and once approved it is ready for payment."
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"XPENDOR has helped us to eliminate the need for physical receipts. Above all, thanks to its standardisation and OCR, it has enabled us to improve processes and reduce approval time for middle management."
"XPENDOR has helped us improve security by working with an approved application. It has also increased the efficiency of cost control, as we are fully digitalised."

Discover the power of XPENDOR - JD Edwards integration and take your business to the next level!

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