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Recover deductible VAT

XPENDOR, in collaboration with specialised agents, facilitates the recovery of VAT on all of the organisation’s expenses that are eligible for deduction.

Speed up the management and get the recovery of VAT for up to the last 4 years, obtaining extra liquidity for your treasury.

Why choose a specialised solution that recovers deductible VAT?

Why choose a specialised solution that recovers deductible VAT?

Recupera el IVA deducible. Beneficios

Increase your profitability and reclaim deductible VAT from your organisation

Digital transformation has become an essential corporate requirement, such as expense management or VAT recovery.

At XPENDOR, we want to give you the opportunity to reduce costs and increase the profitability of your business activity.

Achieve a higher return on results, a better success rate, greater liquidity and tax security to meet your daily expenses through the recovery of VAT on expense receipts.

Benefits of this service

XPENDOR, in collaboration with specialised agents, processes expenses in physical or digital format, recovering costs prior to the acquisition of digital management systems.

These are some of the benefits that stand out from this service:

  • 100% of expenses are processed, without discriminating by amount.
  • Each expense is analysed line by line to maximise recovery.
  • All suppliers are contacted to obtain valid supporting documents for recovery from the tax authorities.
  • Tax risk is eliminated in the deduction.

We exchange your receipts for electronic invoices, so the ROI of the project is positive from the start!

Recupera el IVA deducible. Cumple los criterios

Seize the opportunity to profit with XPENDOR!

Get the VAT back on the travel expenses you upload to XPENDOR! By simply giving your authorisation, you will get a new source of liquidity automatically and without you having to worry about anything.

It’s time to digitise the management of your expenses while recovering your investment by recovering your VAT. Contact us and receive a report with the amount to be recovered and know the extent of your potential savings.

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Partnerships that add up


XPENDOR helps you to digitise all your organisation’s expenses, digitising and controlling processes to avoid problems or internal fraud. Therefore, it continues to move forward to offer new solutions and collaborates with 60dias, leader in the recovery of input VAT on expense receipts for the last 4 years (T&E).

60dias joins more than 15 years of experience in tax matters with XPENDOR, a SaaS application that was born in 2016 as a GOLIVE project to optimise digital transformation processes.

Optimise taxes and manage expenses by taking into account the recovery of input VAT on tickets!

Digitise your spending notes, wherever you are.

Business expense management app, a web and app solution through which you can manage your receipts and invoices from anywhere and on any device. Take a photo, send your expense for approval and the administrative department will manage it quickly and easily.

But we're not the only ones who say so...

"XPENDOR's OCR is a marvel, the ability to locate the supplier directly from the photo and integrate it with our ERP is a brutal time saver."
"You can see that the application has been thought and designed by the user, it is very easy to use and the user sees the return very quickly".

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