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XPENDOR’s features

The most comprehensive solution on the market. Enjoy all these functionalities at no extra cost.


Manage the entire group of companies using XPENDOR. You can assign users to the different companies, control which information they have access to and use a single platform for the entire group.


XPENDOR comes with the best OCR in the sector, automatically recognising all information on the receipt or invoice. File your expense on the spot! No more slow processes involving reviews by humans and able to read receipts in different languages.


Fully customisable multi-level approval workflows that expedite review by approvers, improve compliance with expense policies and prevent internal fraud.

Cash advance management

XPENDOR comes with a cash advance module that lets you manage, review and approve or reject requests for cash advances. What's more, it keeps track of all expenses made against these cash advances.

Expense policy

Expense control is absolutely crucial. With XPENDOR, you can create different expense policies and assign rules to integrate the company's expense policy into the solution and assign users such policies. This significantly increases compliance with the corporate expense policies and facilitates expense review.


Access to multiple reports with filters by date, payment method, user and many other items. This makes it possible to detect inefficiencies or errors quickly and easily.


To facilitate international travel, XPENDOR is configured in such a way that exchange rates can be integrated either from the ECB or from the customer's own ERP, so that cash advances can be requested or expenses can be entered in different currencies and shown in the local currency you have chosen.

Mileage management

XPENDOR boasts one of the most advanced mileage management modules on the market. It lets you keep track of the mileages of the company's vehicles or your own, and assign the vehicle that was actually used. Thanks to this functionality, you can automatically calculate the amount to be paid and record it.

Mobile APP and web version

Cross-platform solution to access all functionalities wherever you are. XPENDOR is an application that has been natively developed for both iOS and Android in order to ensure the best possible performance of each operating system.

Approved application

An approved solution, with which you can enter your expenses using the web version or mobile app, and they’ll be just as legally valid.

Per diem management

Per diems are an expense type and you can tailor them to the needs of your company by setting a price for them and generating reports to keep them under control.

Customisable analytics

Make users fill in all the necessary information quickly and easily, determine which information they have to fill in and whether it is mandatory or not in order to enter an expense.

Payment methods

Our solution can be tailored to each company. It lets you establish the available payment methods and discriminate between those that are charged in the accounting or not in order to avoid duplication.


XPENDOR can be configured for access using single sign-on.

Bank reconciliation

XPENDOR features a card reconciliation module that compares the expenses entered with the card statement by amount, date and supplier to detect possible errors or unjustified expenses.


This module allows an XPENDOR user to access the solution on behalf of another user and perform any action.

User customisation

XPENDOR’S user customisation feature allows you to enter the relevant information of each user in their profile so that when you enter an expense, it comes out automatically and the process is even faster.

Card integration

We do our very best to tailor our solution to all companies, so in addition to automatic card reconciliation, we developed this module, which integrates all company card transactions to classify the information and add a photo of the receipt to them. In this way, card transactions are reconciled, reducing internal fraud.

The flagship functionality, the key to bank reconciliation...

Automate Banking Accounting with Xpendor

XPENDOR’s integration with your bank allows easy reconciliation of expenses recorded with bank cards and digitised receipts.

Expense claims are processed smoothly across the company without you even noticing.

Install this app on your mobile device and take a picture of the expense.

Or even better, let our OCR do it for you. It will recognise all the information on the receipt: receipt or invoice number, total amount, date, etc.

Send the expense to the approver. With this app, it will only take a few seconds, wherever you are.

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